"My Three Children Can't Stop Smiling"
by Lori

“In the workshop we talked about mistakes that we makes as parents and how we say things we don't mean that can be very damaging to our relationship with our children. I realized that I grew up hearing hurtful things and had begun to repeat these angry words with my own children. I recall how terrible I felt when I went through it.

I purchased a kit and begin to use it at home. The first thing I did was apologized to my children and we made a new beginning. I focus more on rewarding and praising my children these days and I now look for encouraging words to share with my children every day. With the new skills I have learned, I have been able to stop yelling, I listen more and I am respectful of my children’s feelings.

“I have seen a big change in my children. They smile more, and they try harder, because they aren’t scared that mommy might get upset and hurt their feelings. I want to thanks Mr. Barker for developing his system. It made me a better parent and we are thankful.