"Two New Cheerleaders"
by Pamela

Yeahhhhhh Parentpoints!

I am so excited about my daughters new frame of mind. I had to write and share with you what my daughter is doing this summer.

Amber is the kind of child that has no sense of value. She takes everything for granted and she obviously thinks that her dad and I are rich and that money grows on trees.

We put her on the points method and started noticing changes right away. She told us that she wanted to be a cheerleader this year and that it was going to cost $240.00 for her uniforms and registration. We told her we would have to think about it because she had just gotten a bunch of clothes and a new Dell notebook computer.

She made a very convincing argument. She had actually showed us that she had saved 4000 points and put together a summer budget to earn the total number of points needed to pay for her own uniform and registration. We were so proud of her and pleased with this changes in her character that we agreed to pay half of the cost and she would have to pay the rest.

I am so very very proud of our daughter. Her focus and maturity has reach an all new level. Their will be two extra cheerleader this fall because one of them is me. I am cheerleading for Parentpoints and what you all have done for my husband and I. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.