"Taking Steps in the Right Directions"
by Tasha

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Barker one day while he was out talking about his program. I was so amazed to see him out talking about working to improve the relationship between parent and child. What made it so interesting to me was the fact that my girlfriend and I had just finished having a discussion about trying to figure out how to be a better parents and run a business. I even felt like maybe I was not cut out to be a parent.

I started using Daron's system and surprisingly enough it really did work. I was so amazed. I have to admit that at times I get lazy and allowed things to revert back to the old way of interacting with my children. The biggest thing about the points system is I see things differently now. The points method is not just about changing my children's behavior. It has giving me a means to watch my own behavior. I am learning more about my own self. These days, when I want to get onto my children I am more reserved because I can clearly see what it is that I am not doing right as oppossed to what they are doing wrong. In the past, I would have never saw it and that makes me feel much better because I know this is a step in the right directions.

Thanks for helping me be a better mother to my children.