"Three Years Old Is Not Too Young"
by Bonita

I was attending an Expo when my husband and I came across a booth that had several people standing around and listening to Mr. Barker talking about the points system. There was several parents present with children some of which where just as young as our three year old daughter.

After talking for a while about the points system, Mr. Barker gave some of the children points and told them to give it to their parents for safe keeping. After about 10 minutes he started playing with the small children by lifting them into the air. Of course you know what happen next, they all wanted to "Do It Again!"

Surprisingly, He said to my daughter, I cannot do it again you will need to pay to ride again. She looked confused and then he said, if you have 100 points I will let you ride it again. She got really excited and ran to me asking where is the points I gave you. I could not believe it, what does she know about points? After all, her dad and I were just hearing about it for the first time.

I told her it is in your backpack. She ran to get it and then took it to him to pay to ride again. She did not know the difference between the 20 points she had in here hand and the 100 points he requested but she did quickly grasp the concept of using the points to get a priviledge. I was sold! He said he started with a three year old when he created the system and the child was able to respond favorable to the system as well as count and understand the different currencies.

I just had to share this story with everybody. We are pleased with what the points system is able to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.