"Lord, what is my child doing?"
by Elisa

My husband and I purchased our POINTS Method kit earlier this month. Last evening we started our seven year old son using the system. We began by carefully following the quickstart instructions and he seemed to take to it very well.

I was a little uncertain as to whether or not we were doing it right and I did not really know what to expect once he had start using it. I did understand that we would need to complete the checklist so that he would have an idea of what areas we wanted to focus on regarding his behavior and development. He responded fairly well and I felt like, "Okay this might just work".

As we prepared to rest for the evening, I told him that he would need to get ready for bed and to be sure to say his prayers before falling to sleep. Otherwise he would not be able to collect the POINTS. He wanted to hang out in my room and talk with me. I told him that it would be a good idea to go ahead and say his prayers and get in his bed, because I knew that he was tired and he really needed to get some rest. Of course, he felt that he was not tired and shortly thereafter he did in fact drift right off to sleep.

I was watching the television when I noticed that he had fallen to sleep. I was a little frustrated because I should have made him go ahead and do as I had advised.. I figured, oh well it is just the first night and we will have plenty of time to work on things like this. About 30 minutes later he woke up and quickly jumped out of my bed. I was looking at him and thinking, Lord what is my child doing? To my surprise he got down on his knees and started praying. Once he finished he jumped in my bed and went right back to sleep.

He has fallen asleep talking to me many times before without saying his prayers, what was amazing to me was the fact that he had never gotten up to say his prayers after falling asleep. (smile) I was completely sold on the POINTS Method at that moment. I know that it is a really great motivational tool and it is obvious to me that even though he was groggy, it had been impressed upon his mind strongly enough that he was motivated to complete this important task.

This morning, I left to go to work and when I called home to speak to my husband to see just how well he was doing, I was informed that he had earned a whole lot of POINTS. I was so very pleased and just wanted to share this email message with you all.

POINTS really works! Thanks for sharing this system with us!