"The help has come"
by Joann

Oh my goodness!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! ........the creative force within you has manifested something very special, this is truly a blessing. I feel you may just haves the answer for child rearing in this new day and time. As you know it's definitely not the same as it was back in the day for many of us. I don't have small children, all of my girls are grown now but I do have grandchildren.

I also know some people that have older children who are having a hard time and could use your program greatly. But like you mentioned on the website, the parents would have to be consistent with this or it won't have any affect at all. It is extremely simple to use. I am having a wonderful time pointing my grandchildren in the right directions (smile) and I will be getting the word out about the points method.

I like everything about your system and you are addressing a special need. I feel many of the parents of today don't know where to turn and Parentpoints has the answers.

Great job! The help has arrived!!!