"A Divine Turn-a-round"
by Ms. Myles

Dear Mr. Barker,

I wanted to take this time to simply say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!! You have been an answer to my prayers. I am a single mother with three kids, and I attend school full time. I attended your North Little Rock session, and although I enjoyed it, I thought this was just another fly by night scheme that would not work for me in my present situation. I thank God everyday that I was sooooooooooo wrong! I can't express to you all the benefits that is reaped daily from using the ParentPoints in my home.

I must tell you about my 7 yr old son Josiah. He was having some severe self-esteem issues. He had began to call himself stupid, say things like "this is too hard", "I can't", "I hate myself",and the one that really broke my heart was, "mama you don't love me!" He would say these statements over and over. He would actually slap himself or just cry for no reason. I was so hurt because I felt like I was doing all I could to show him that I did love him, and that he is somebody. I even went as far as to threaten him with the belt to say positive things about himself. It didn't work.

Then the real problem started, I began to get calls from the teacher. Then the behavior documents started. Soon it was out of control because his outburst were so severe. I mean they were so severe that the counselor at his school had been brought in to try and evaluate him to see what the core of his problem was. I knew that all fingers would point back this way, and all I could feel is that I had somehow failed my child at such an early age! I had been searching, praying, hoping, and it looked as if all hope was gone.

NOT SO!! because it was that Saturday evening when you presented the ParentPoints seminar here. You have no idea of the relief that I felt when you were speaking and you were using your acronyms, and I remember you asked us to share some of the problems that we were having with our children. Most of us were having the same issues. You then said that "doesn't this mean that your children must be NORMAL?" I thought well, I don't know. Then you said, "If these are normal behaviors in your children what does that mean about you as a PARENT? DOESN'T THAT MEAN THAT YOU ARE NORMAL ALSO?" I could have broken down in tears from knowing that I hadn't failed as a mother.

WE ARE NORMAL! That has stuck with me. So I went home that weekend, and I read the book. I felt, as if, you were right there with me walking me through how to use the system. I implemented the program that Monday. This was the Monday after the counseling session with Josiah and his counselor. Needless to say, she only got to have one session. I must admit I was so afraid that the system was going to fail us and that my son was going to be labeled for life. I was so afraid, but I felt as if what could I lose by simply trying the system.

I went and had a conference with his teacher that Monday morning, and I explained to her that we were trying something new at home. See I wanted to know just how long it would take the point system to show results. So we worked out a system as to where she would indicate for me daily the number of times that Josiah lost control of his emotions or simply insulted himself. Well I want you to know from that Monday, which was four weeks ago, to this Twenty-six day of October Josiah has come home with all ZEROS!!!!!!


This seems to good to be true, but it is not!!!!! It is like the old Josiah left, and a new Josiah moved in. HALLELUJAH! I mean he compliments himself now. He no longer calls himself "stupid". I don't hear "I hate myself". I hear things like " I am the smartest boy in the world", " this is hard, but I can do it", "I love myself mama". Oh what a sweet relief it is to know that my child is NORMAL! I can not thank you enough for taking what I thought was FAILURE AND SHOWING ME HOW TO TURN IT INTO SUCCESS!!!! I pray God's favor and blessings on you and your family, and I know that you have brought healing to me and my son!

Thank you again!!!!!!!!!