Program Developers

Dr. Daron D. Barker
BTTB Program Senior Developer, Parent Company CEO/Fouder
“No child can see as far as when they stand on the shoulders of their teachers, parents and elders; you are the difference makers”

Mr. Barker is an author, speaker, publisher, evangelist, writer, and business owner. His most imporant role in life is that of being a father to his two sons (19 and 17) and a husband of 24 years. He is also an internationally acclaimed expert on understanding human relationships at the core to maximize effectiveness and unlock hidden potential. His systems and methods have been highly researched and tested for 10 years in classrooms, homes, daycares, churches and schools, as well as in an independent study conducted by Dr. George Jones, psychologist from Clemson University, Redfern Health Center. Through the company he founded, Mr. Barker has positively impacted many lives across varying economic and socioeconomic classes in both education and family functionality.

Mr. Barker’s work stems from more than 20 years of experience observing human behavior and establishing methods to motivate, inspire, train, and teach others to reach their maximum human potential. Mr. Barker applies the same back to the basics insight and enthusiasm, whether working with a room of PTA members or with internationally known icons, such as President Bill Clinton, ex-Governor of Arkansas. Barker’s well received back to the basics philosophy reaches to the heart of business, education, relationships and personal growth.

Doug Cuzfin
BTTB Senior Program Advisor, Parent Company President
“Education is the key that opens doors to success in life and Generational Order is the foundation”

Doug is a trained Chef, entrepreneur and successful business man. He has served for nearly a decade on the board of Share Our Strenth in Denver, CO where they fight child hunger by educating low-income families on the importance of proper nutrition, cooking skills, and feeding children who often go to school hungry. Doug has been running his company for the last 10 years. His experience ranges from small businesses through major public corporations. His years working as a Chef and executive have led him from one-on-one, hands-on training, all the way to the high pressure board rooms.

His working connection and friendship with both the CEO Daron Barker and his wife Janetta led him to working with them for the last 3 years to refine and focus Parentpoints, Inc. and the Back to the Basics Program™. His experience managing his company, working with under priviledged families and his outside resources has positioned him perfectly to run the Parentpoints, Inc.

Crystal Barker, M.S.
BTTB Program Developer, Director of Training

“Educate, guide and nurture our children because eventually they become
the teachers, parents and elders. No excuses, someone did it for you!”

Crystal Barker, M.S. is a Certified Mental Health Para-Professional Trainer. Crystal uses her skills to ensure that audio, video and staff training materials are consistent and effective. Ms. Barker provides consultancy and training nationally, focusing upon responsible best practices and positive behavoir modification.

She provides both teacher and student with proven methods to improve student performance and classroom management. Her book Breaking Down Barriers for a Chance to Heal is focused providing on solutions to overcoming barriers that block teachers ability to effective reach children. She has conduct a multitude of workshop and conference presenations detailing a wealth of useful tip, stories, and powerful instruction on how to maintain balance with the children in their care.

Ruby J. Payne, Education Consultant
BTTB Program Developer/Trainer, Educational Advisor
“Education will get you to the top but it is character that will keep you there”

Ruby Payne has earned degrees from LeMoyne-Owen College and the University of Memphis, where she continues post-graduate studies. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including a key to the city from former Memphis Mayor Hackett. She serves on several boards and is a former president of Whitehaven Community Center Booster Organization and co-chair of Memphians for Positive Community Action. She is a member of NAACP and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

During her tenure as principal of Hanley Elementary School, in the Memphis City Schools District, Ruby J. Payne assisted her students in developing their academic abilities by initiating numerous activities to enhance their educational opportunities. In 2006, 94 percent of her fifth-graders scored proficient or advanced on the TCAP writing assessment. Ruby is a huge advocate of character building in the overall development of students. With over 40 years in education, her wealth of experience, wisdom and knowledge has been a tremendous asset to the development of the Back to the Basics Program™.