What are the professionals saying:

“One should not overlook the potential of this training program for primary prevention of problems in social adjustment.”

Dr. George Jones, PsyD., Clemson University,
Counseling and Psychological Services at the Redfern Health Center

“I am very excited to be building relations with Parentpoints".

Carolyn Olivier, Education Director
Bill Cosby's Hello Friend / Ennis William Cosby Foundation

"The Points Method™ helps us meet the state requirement for a rewards system. and it provides the children with a vivid role for what the expectations are, and it teaches real world concepts that children can carry into life long after they leave the home. It also creates a balance on how to discipline the children”.

Ms. Kennesha Bracely, MA,
Founder of Tranquility Village Girls Home

“The current program is a flop. Parentpoints is a great candidate for the grant that is up for renewal. I have attended many conferences and feels that Parentpoints provides the answer to what everybody is looking for. The Points Method™ is a right now system that fits our criteria. I see it as a viable solution for use throughout our state.”

Ms. Regina Pernell, MS,
Regional Assistant Educational Advisor
DHS, Urbana/Champagne, Illinoi

"With the support of Parentpoints, We plans to make a long and lasting impact on the children, parents and families".

Mr. Dorian Williams,
Director of New Horizons Student Success Centers
Founder of In Time of Need, Inc.

What are the parents & community partners saying:

I like the vision, I bought the system, and I plan on using it. I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Barker and learned a lot in a short period of time. Daron is a very good speaker and is very knowledgeable in this subject because he's "been there - done that!"

Lillie Jones - Seattle, WA

Excellent way to structure good old-fashioned parental authority with a balance of love and compassion.

Stephanie Owens - Kansas City, KS

Thank you for a valuable parenting system. It can be used not only professionally, but personally as well.

Macia Martinez, Youth Intervention Counselor - Gainesville, FL

I am so excited! I can't wait to go home and share this with my husband! Thank you!!!

Judy McGuire - Tenton, NJ

I am eager to teach this program in my clinic. I am extra excited about implementing with my own child. It can work. Thanks for the all-in-one tool.

Cheryl Willie, Medical Coordinator - Houston, TX

Creative, simple, and down right awesome! I can't wait to teach this program with my own children.

Cyndy Roundtree, Family Specialist Counselor - Birmingham, AL

Thank you for making this program available. I wish I had this eleven years ago. My 21 year was a hand full. My youngest is 16 and he will benefit from your system. What a great tool to be a successful parent. I am pleased to join in the fight to take back control of the family by pointing children in the right directions.

Lori Timson, Speech Pathologist - Savannah, GA

I loved everything about this program. I have learned so much and I have renewed faith and hope. Keep up the great work! May God bless your efforts.

Jennifer Logan, RN - Charlotte, NC

I enjoyed being able to learn all these new ideas to help families, especially my own.

Janette Cole, Family Advocate - Fayetteville, AR

I feel this information is desperately needed in our society and I plan on going home and implementing the program today.

Linda Birch, R.N. - Dayton, OH

I came in hopes of learning to be a better person, parent, and teacher. I've learned so much! A change has come. Thanks so very very much!

Debbie Jenkins, Personal Trainer - Oklahoma City, OK

I like the the Points Method™ both as a professional and as a parent. I finally can relay ideas to parents and know that they have a tool that can be an extention of me and give them the confidence to consistently do what works to become succesful. I am going to use this system with my own family.

Marla Jones, Counselor - Denver, CO

This was, by far, the best parenting strategy I've ever learned about!

LaHoma Alexander, Personal Tutor - West Memphis, AR

Great passion and well thought out! It is nice to see a father go the distance. Thanks for your commitment to families. This will go a long way in our community!

Pastor Eric Beasley, Baptist Minister - Detriot, MI

As a pastor and a therapist, I really respect the common sense approach. You take the root messages found throughtout the bible and present it in a universal manner. You pulled it all together for us. Impressive! God is really working with you.

Willie Osgood, Minister and Family Coach - Germantown, TN