A Fully Customizable Robust Program with Year-Round Support and Specialized Training

The Back to the Basics Program (BTTB) offers a highly customizable in-service and professional development plan that district can use. Options include:

  1. On-site leadership development for principals, counselors, support staff, and parent coordinators.
  2. On-site implementation training for BTTB teachers and reading coaches.
  3. On-site interactive follow-up for BTTB teachers and Para-professionals.
  4. District level BTTB Program Director to support all schools and participants
  5. On-Site Program Liaison to support all primary teachers (classrooms), parents & teachers.
  6. A research-based, facilitated online or in-person professional development training:
    1. Proven, scientifically based teaching strategies and methods to help raise student achievement in the core subject areas through motivation, reduced disciplinary write-ups and parent involvement.
      • 24-hour access to resources and training.
      • Video of research-based practices performed in real classrooms.
      • Practice and application of skills.
      • Coaching, feedback, and reflection.
      • Substitute Teacher (If Needed)